Printed Photos Are In Vogue

Life is so mysterious. We work like crazy to advance ourselves to the digital world only to desire what we had before. Introducing the KiiPix Smartphone Picture Printer.

I am definitely going to buy one, or maybe, two or three. At $39.99, it makes the perfect gift, especially for children who rarely see printed photos.

All you have to do is place your phone on top of the KiiPix and push a button. Before you do that, you can adjust photos with a filter contrast option, or add all kinds of funny trimmings. After you achieve the photo that you want, you press the button for the print option. It rolls right out. It couldn’t be easier.

Buy the KiiPix on Amazon. For more information, click below.

Next Up For Cataract Surgery

I documented Eliot’s visit to the surgeon at Bascom Palmer in Miami who will perform his cataract procedure in January. I did my two eyes in July. We live in the age of modern miracle medicine. Thank goodness.

1 thought on “Printed Photos Are In Vogue

  1. I’m due to have my cataracts removed in two years or so—am told they are not bad enough yet. I don’t look forward to having this blurry view of the world for two more years, but have to wait my turn, it seems!

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