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When Emergencies Happen The SatPaq Becomes Your Best Friend

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Stay in touch with loved ones when outside of cell coverage with no annoying monthly fee.


The SatPaq clips to any smartphone, provides real-time information and sends messages from anywhere.

Palo Alto, CA — Higher Ground, a Silicon Valley technology company, introduces the SatPaq®, a lightweight, clip-on, smartphone accessory that enables inexpensive (pay-as-you-go) messaging by satellite.  For the 144 million outdoor enthusiasts in the U.S., the SatPaq directly solves two problems — the anxiety of not ‘being connected’ and the frustration of having to pay monthly fees even if you do not use the service.


SatPaq has recently been named a 2019 CES Innovation Award Honoree in the Wireless Devices, Accessories and Services Category. 


The SatPaq is the first satellite-messaging product to communicate directly to Geostationary [GEO] satellites for consumer communication.  Other products use Low Earth Orbit [LEO] satellites, which have a number of disadvantages such as:


There can often be a 2 to10 minute delay before a LEO satellite is in the right part of the sky and ready to accept a message.  GEO satellites are in a stationary orbit around the Earth and are always in view.


Messaging over LEOs is SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive than using our GEO satellites thus requiring an annoying monthly fee.  By communicating with the big GEOs, the SatPaq can provide inexpensive, on-demand messaging service that you only pay for when you need it.


Prior to the SatPaq, no company had ever built a credit-card-sized module to communicate to these distant [23,000 mile away] GEO satellites.  This required both a) new technology [26 US patents granted and in process] and b) a new spectrum-sharing concept, first approved by the FCC for Higher Ground and the SatPaq. 


The SatPaq provides a number of useful features for owners in addition to two-way text messaging.  With the SatPaq users can access: location-based precision weather services; on-demand, artificial-intelligence-guided first aid advice with Dr. Dex; roadside assistance [January 2019]; tracking; posting to social media; and 24/7 emergency assistance from anywhere.


The SatPaq has been extensively tested by National Park rangers, county search and rescue, Homeland Security agents, US Army Special Operations Forces and power hikers since December 2017.  Now this same technology can be used by consumers when hiking, fishing, camping or during natural disasters when no other means of communication is available.


George Durkee, author, instructor and a consultant to many National Park Service search and rescue [SAR] teams, says, “SAR teams like Yosemite Search and Rescue (YOSAR) are called in to run some two hundred SAR events every year; many of these lead to injuries and deaths.   For the entire country, there are about 100,000 search and rescues every year.   These require hundreds of man-hours per event – much of it volunteer time.   This is expensive in time, health and money.   We simply need to do better.”


“There can be two extremely frustrating situations for SAR responders: not knowing where an overdue hiker is located and/or not knowing the type of injury. An inexpensive-to-use communicator like the SatPaq can solve both of these problems.   Merely checking in once or twice per day with its real-time location report will help us to significantly narrow a search area.   And its ability to send long texts allows us to evaluate the injury and send the most effective and safest response.”


Higher Ground LLC is the fourth successful start-up from serial entrepreneur, Rob Reis.    Investment capital for Higher Ground provided by KFI, BergVC, Global Real Estate and Intelsat Corporation.


This broad need for very inexpensive, Go Anywhere Messaging® has application beyond consumer uses to long-distance drones, military situational awareness, Internet of Things and third-world learning.  Higher Ground has several, multi-million-dollar contracts with both NASA and Homeland Security to further develop technology in these spaces.


The SatPaq is available now for $249.


For more information, please visit


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