An Evening With Annie Leibovitz

I got chills all over my body tonight when Annie Leibovitz got a standing ovation as she walked on stage at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami. It was wonderful being in an audience where like-minded people appreciated the talents of a woman who has captured some of the greatest moments in pop culture history. The legendary photographer was debuting her newest book, “Annie Leibovitz At Work” at the Miami Book Fair.

Leibovitz shared some remarkable tips to anyone who wants to be a serious photographer. Most of what she said seemed like a lot of common sense to me, but I guess it’s always good to get confirmation from a well-respected leader.

Leibovitz said the most important element in picture taking is the content. People should focus on photos that tell a story. One of the most remarkable things about a photo is that it becomes more meaningful as time goes by. The older it gets, the more you see.

Leibovitz is definitely a renaissance woman. Unlike many photographers who had a difficult time giving up film, Leibovitz has embraced the digital age. She believes in change and is willing to learn new photography methods. She wants to experience every opportunity. Very little intimidates Leibovitz her because her main goal is to capture the beauty of the moment.

That’s why she is so enamored with the smartphone. Leibovitz feels we are living in a remarkable time when we can just take out a pocket camera at any time and shoot. The possibilities are endless.

Photos featured in her book.

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