Diving For Dirt

I have always wondered why someone would throw their garbage in a river, a lake, a bay, or an ocean? When Eliot and I took a cruise down the Siene last Spring, I was so disappointed to see how polluted the water was. I would lie in bed and stare out at the sides of the river that were filled with plastic bags stuck in the shrubs. There were thousands of them for miles and miles. I just couldn’t believe this was the same Siene that was portrayed in so many romantic movies.

Unfortunately, most of the waters around the world are filled with trash. I just don’t know how we allowed this to happen. Not everyone is going to let this continue. Kathryn Mikesell, the woman who owns Fountainhead, the artist residency Eliot and I belong to, is a member of The Dolphins and Rainbows swim club, that actually removes trash from Biscayne Bay in Miami everyday.

Their story is remarkable and one to be admired. The local NBC news did s story about how this group dives for trash and what they are willing to do to keep the waters clean. While the rest of us are reading the morning papers, and sipping our coffees, this swim club group is hard at work. Bless them.

3 thoughts on “Diving For Dirt

  1. You may have seen the feature on “60 Minutes” this past Sunday about the trash in the waters around the world and what certain groups are doing to cl an it up. Like you, when we travel to other parts of the world, it is appalling how much plastic we see in the water and on land. Why don’t people do their part and put it in the trash? Part if it is lack of education and exposure to the problem. This group in Miami can only put a dent in the trash situation but they are doing their part. Everyone should learn from this. It would make a difference.

  2. Am still repulsed driving on the BQE from LGA to Manhattan. So much garbage on the sides of the road. Clearly many people don’t know any better or just don’t care.

  3. I too saw the 60 minutes presentation on plastic pollution, and am equally dismayed. Diving for trash is an admirable thing to do, but the problem needs to be addressed at the source: the people who pollute. Our experience in Canada is that people won’t stop until they learn that they will be apprehended and fined. It hasn’t stopped all of the pollution by a long shot, but we at least don’t have trash left along roadsides. Trash dumped in the ocean and waterways is a huge problem here too—people seem to think, “Out of sight, out of mind.” But programs like 60 minutes have a huge impact—we need more of that type of public education! Thanks, Lois , for writing this topical and urgent post!

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