On My Way To Vegas!!!

This is my 52nd year attending CES. There used to be two shows a year, so I attended many more, but I don’t have the exact number. Below is my CES badge when I hit 50. It’s a keeper.

I am loaded with assignments this year so I am kind of anxious to plow through and see the results of all of our pre-show efforts to help clients achieve their goals. They have their expectations, so good luck to me.

My agency, HWH PR, is responsible for delivering the press to a party at MGM Grand’s Private swanky area called The Mansion. The client is HANDL New York, a line of “reimagined” phone cases, because the company has new business partners. Actor Jamie Foxx is the host of the party. Here’s a special message from him.


We are also introducing lots of new innovations, but more about that later this week. The next time you hear from me, I will be in the middle of gadgets.

Till then!

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