Who Are We Anyway?

I’m not sure if someone was trying to tell me something as I enter my 52nd year at CES. I happened to watch an episode of the Twilight Zone the other night about an aging, former movie star who lives and dreams in the past, constantly watching her old movies alone in her room. Barbara Jean Trenton refuses to move on with her life, even though her associates try to lure her out of her self-imposed isolation.



The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine” aired on October 23, 1959 on CBS. The title is a reference to 16 mm film. It was written by Rod Serling and starred Ida Lupino, Martin Balsam, Jerome Cowan, and Ted de Corsia

Even though I wouldn’t exactly say I live in the past, I do get very nostalgic about the several hundred people who I knew so well, but no longer attend CES. Either they died, retired, or lost their jobs. It doesn’t matter why they are not at the convention, I just long for the days when I would see all of the people I spent decades with in this industry. There was a time that I couldn’t walk down the aisles at CES without getting stopped a dozen times by people who I knew, and just wanted to say hello.

Now out of 170,000 people who attend the show, I may know 400. I met most of them in recent years. I really shouldn’t complain because I am still very active with all kinds of new assignments. However, just like Barbara Jean Trenton, I want to be one of the most popular in the room.

Thank goodness for Nancy Pelosi. At 78, she has managed to make herself a major force once again. While many of my friends wanted her to give up her position so the Democrats could secure a younger and a fresher image, Pelosi is now the one we are counting on to make the United States sane again. If she manages to pull it off, I feel everyone will have a renewed interest in seniors. We still have a lot to offer the world. I just don’t want to rust.

4 thoughts on “Who Are We Anyway?

  1. 400? That’s a lot. Feel the same way about CES, past where I knew everybody and everybody knew me. The great old days. I agree about Pelosi. Loving watching her do her thing.

  2. So true, we are still relevant in our 70s and 80s. Heck, why stop there…I know people in their 90s who are a real force! I love what you said about Nancy Pelosi. She is making her mark, and may well save the day!

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