Still Working In The Motion Picture Home

The Motion Picture Home in Woodland Hills, CA, figured out a way to keep its residents vibrant and productive. It’s a simple concept that should be used by every independent living, assisted living and nursing home in America.

Keep the clients working at whatever profession they like best. In the case of The Motion Picture Home, residents have their own TV channel where they produce original content.

Watch the video to hear what residents say about their ability to continue to be creative in a safe environment. It would be wonderful for senior, seniors to be able to use their brains for activities that make them want to get up every day and be a part of society.

I’m not saying this is for everyone, but those who want to participate should be able to have a quasi work hobby that interests them. I’m sure there is some creative start-up team that can develop a program that will organize special projects for 80 to 100-plus year olds.

I can see the headline now, “95 Year Old Great Grandmother Designs Inaugural Gown For The New First Lady.” What a hoot that would be. Keeping seniors relevant could even help fight off certain ailments that no one wants to focus on. It’s certainly worth a try.

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