Apple AirPods Can Help You Eavesdrop

I know that most DigiDame readers are upstanding citizens, but for those of you who love to learn new tricks, be sure to read on.

A guy with the handle @arnoldcrndo, got retweeted 50,000 times recently, because he revealed how to use Apple’s AirPods as an eavesdropping device. Twitter went wild when users learned that all they had to do was: 1-activate the Live Listen feature on their iPhone and 2-place the iPhone near the people they want to spy on. They could then listen to conversations through their AirPods.

The Live Listen allows the iPhone to be used as a directional microphone and the AirPods as hearing aids.

Digital Trends explains, “To activate the feature, users will need to go to the Control Center menu under Settings, tap Customize Controls, and then tap the plus sign next to the Hearing icon to add it to the Control Center.”

Apple added Live Listen to the AirPods to help users with minor hearing issues. However, a growing number are using the feature to bug others.

That’s the world of technology.

Click here to read Digital Trends.

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