The Next New Trend In Medication Is Digital Pills

I just found out that there is a company in Silicon Valley that has invented a ‘smart’ pill that incorporates tiny sensors to track, when and if, you have taken your medication.

The company is Proteus and it’s already valued at $1.5 billion. Proteus has raised $487 million with backing from investors like Novartis.

The reason why this invention is so important is because there are millions of people out there who struggle to take medications. They can often be depressed or confused. The digital pill will make sure that patients always take the correct dose. This is vital in the treatment process.

The website for Proteus Digital Health explains that the ingestible sensors work with a small wearable patch, an app, and a provider portal. Caregivers can then learn more about a patient’s health patterns and medication effectiveness.

While all of this sounds a little extreme, it really could save lives because, as we all know, too many people are mismanaging the pills they are given.

Read more about it here.

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