Held Us Hostage

It was billed as the art fair on the water. A group called Art Fort Lauderdale puts together an event every year where hundreds of people get to take water taxis to the most luxurious homes to view paintings and sculptures from some of the top artists in the area.

Our good friends, Marcia and Richie Grand, did the tour last year, and invited us to join them again today. All was going great until someone supposedly sat in the above chair which is made out of crochet resin thread. It is priced at $6,000. Artist is Sarah Knouse. Many visitors heard a big thud upstairs in the 6,000 square foot house, but no one saw a thing. The chair collapsed.

The organizers of the art fair were very upset. They decided that they would stop the water taxis and hold the visitors hostage on the docks. No one would be allowed to leave the premises until the person who caused the damage fessed up.

They held us captive for over an hour. Art aficionados were losing their cool. Many arguments broke out and a few older women were so flustered they accidentally slipped on the patio steps. I witnessed the women fall in a wave formation. Totally scary. Everyone was under suspicion. The staff actually had the audacity to ask each of us if we were the culprit. It was so weird watching folks being interrogated.

We finally got smart when the art organizers finally decided to free us. We traveled to the next house, and then immediately headed to the front door. We needed something to calm our nerves. The Grands had the solution. We called a Lyft to take us to the Rustic Inn Restaurant. We feasted on Alaskan King Crab legs.

It was a day of unusual events and many surprises. It’s a good thing we love adventures.

3 thoughts on “ Held Us Hostage

  1. You 4 are so classic prisoners.
    All prisoners when they break out of jail head for the nearest lobster joint to celebrate.
    Your were lucky though the Authorities are usually are waiting there for them.
    Glad to here you are free.

  2. I heard about this last Sunday morning on the radio but thought it was only last weekend, and was sorry I didn’t hear early enough to tell you about it. Now I’m glad that you didn’t go on my account!

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