Opté Scans Detect And Correct Hyperpigmentation

My skin doctor, Dr. Steve Mandy, just told me about a new invention that is going to help take dark spots off my face. I’m thrilled. Every year new spots appear, probably to remind me that I’m no longer a spring chicken.

The Opte Precision Skincare System from Proctor & Gamble actually debuted at CES. It’s still being tested by women all over the country. It should be available in the next few months for around $1,200. That may seem like a lot of money, but not when you compare it to other remedies. Like all other new methods of improving your appearance, please check with your doctor before using.

The official press release said that the Opte incorporates the best optics, proprietary algorithms, printing technology, and skincare in one device.

P&G said most women only need treatment on approximately 10 percent of their skin. Opté’s proprietary technology treats only the small areas that need correction. It provides a natural, flawless look that makeup and professional treatments are unable to achieve.

Opte is comprised of a Precision Wand and Precision Serum that work together to provide immediate coverage and long-term benefits.


4 thoughts on “Opté Scans Detect And Correct Hyperpigmentation

  1. There is an almost instant OMG response after a woman uses the device for the first time It is a powerful precise technology that has high patient satisfaction.

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