Evan Reinheimer – Kite Aerial Photography.


We saw a lot of interesting exhibits at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival on Saturday afternoon, but the one that interested us the most was a photographer who takes “Kite Aerial Photography.”

Eliot, my friend Brian Hauserman, and I were amazed by the ingenuity of Evan Reinheimer of Patchogue, Long Island.

Evan, an award-winning photographer, flies kites which hold his cameras so he can snap aerial photos all over the globe. It’s a great technique to show new photographic angles.

I asked Evan why he doesn’t use drones. He said kites are much more flexible and he is totally committed to the art form. Kites allow him to fly close to his subjects without danger. He knows exactly what type of kite he needs depending on the winds of the day.

His website explains, “ Evan uses a variety of high end advanced compact cameras. The camera sits in a rig that is suspended from the kite line. The camera sends a live video feed to Evan on the ground and the rig has an electronic servo that allows him to compose the photograph.”

Evan certainly has an interesting life and certainly provides us with a new view.

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