A Star Is Born

My posse and I (starting left and going around the circle: Mary, Martha, Marcia, Richie, Lois and Eliot) went to the Cabaret South Beach, Shelborne Hotel tonight and discovered a star. Her name is Janae Catt and she can belt out one heck of a powerful song.

I created two videos for you to hear Janae.

When we first arrived at the Cabaret, I really thought it was going to be a bust. A lot of the singers were okay but nothing to make us want to stay. When Janae came on, she really made the entire audience feel energized. Mary and Martha started to dance and others joined them. It made the place rock.

We started off the evening at Leynia, an Argentinian restaurant in the Delano. Quite a spot for young people watching. The outfits, or lack of them, were complete head turners.

Bottom line, we plan to go back to both.

The vibes are just too good, even for seniors.

3 thoughts on “A Star Is Born

  1. I just found this thank you so very much I do remember when you came to see me I’m no longer inside of the Shelborne hotel but please do stay in touch via Facebook and I will let you know where to find me or I’ll come to you

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