Two Apps Help To Stop Sexual Assaults

As time goes on, some of us learn the deep, dark secrets of dear friends and family. It’s horrifying to find out that people we know have been sexually assaulted. Many of them never report the offenders to the authorities.

I always wondered why people keep these terrible offensives to themselves. Most claim they were too ashamed, confused, and scared to admit the attacks. That may seem ridiculous to us, but unless we had that experience, we will never know how it feels.

Sexual assaults must be reported and stopped. I was so happy to learn that there are two apps that allow victims to report crimes anonymously.

One is called JDoe, and the other is Callisto. Users are urged to tell all when incidents occur. They should report where it took place and the name of the perpetrators. The details are stored in an encrypted database. Both apps scan for patterns. Legal experts immediately intervene and determine if further action needs to be taken.

Watch the video above. NBC Nightly News provides further details how this technology works and how it helps prevent sexual attacks.

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