Superman Knew A Good Thing

The phone booth may be making a comeback. We all thought it was dead forever with the advent of the cell phone, but we forgot about one thing, privacy.

A company called JabbrrX is counting on business people, as well as the general public, to value their privacy.

They created a 4-foot square luxurious phone booth with sound absorbing walls, good lighting and an upholstered bench. It also has technology secure Wi-Fi, bluetooth connectivity, and a camera and monitor for videoconferencing. They thought of everything.

The JabbrrX phone booth is great for wide open workspaces and crowded public places. JFK International Airport has already installed two JabbrrX units in Terminal 4. More are on the way.

JabbrrX users pay $10 for 15 minutes to $60 for two hours. The company has sold phone booths to Fortune 500 companies. Audible has installed units in their offices, with hundreds more throughout the U.S. and a few in London, Berlin and Dublin.

The company was founded by Brian Hackathorn and Jeremy Jennings.


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