Fitness Trackers For Kids

I really wanted to write about something today that could be useful for children.

I think I found something that would be fun and motivate youngsters to do more physical activities.

Let me introduce you to a $70 Fitbit for kids. It just became available. Fitbit had a unit for children last year that was called the Ace. It was $30 more than the new one. The Ace 2 device for children is now available at $69.95.

Ace 2 now tracks activity and sleep. It also encourages children to do one hour of activity a day. The kid-friendly unit features a bedtime reminder, alarms, timers and call alerts. It is also water-proof and has five days of battery life. The companion app is called Kid View.

For those who feel fitness trackers may be too stressful for children, let me remind you that all sports are competitive. It’s better to learn to be active at a young age, than to be a fatty when you’re older.

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