Jill And Jeff

We met Jill Biden last Thursday tonight, the next First Lady of the United States. She has the intelligence and common sense to help this country heal. The highlight for me was when Biden mentioned the importance of community college during her visit to Miami Dade College. She came to Miami to promote her new book “Where The Light Enters.”

She gave me goose bumps when she talked about the function community college plays in helping people better prepare themselves for the academic world. Eduardo José Padrón, President of Miami Dade College (MDC), also talked about his struggles of getting into college and how many he was rejected from. Now because of his position for the last 20 plus years, all of the schools that rejected him found a way to give him an honorary degree.

Jeff Bezos Posts Touching Video For His Dad

For the last few days I have been somewhat involved with the new museum for the Statue of Liberty. I was happy that Jeff Bezos took the opportunity at the unveiling of the new museum to honor his dad who came from Cuba alone at 16. Great story.

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