Pocket Talk

Can you imagine traveling to any country of your choice, and being able to converse in the native language? Now you can with Pocket Talk.

Traveling with Innovation Insider, Steve Greenberg, has its advantages. He brings his gadgets to test on his trips. When I saw Pocket Talk at breakfast this morning, I knew I wanted to share it with you. Watch the videos.


Bamberg, Germany

We visited the town of Bamberg today and had some fun with their public sculptures.

Called “The Sculpture Meeting,” by Chinese artist Wang Shugang, this art piece depicts eight lifesize squatting men, positioned in a circle on Schönleinsplatz Square, near a busy crossroads in the middle of the old town of Bamberg. The work of art is made of bronze, varnished in red. and goes back to an exhibition in the year 2013, “CIRCLES,” when it was first shown in Bamberg. Thanks to private donations and private funding, The sculpture has grown into a very popular subject for photos as the artwork is open to walk through and sit besides the eight men, thus becoming part of the artists creation.

When I tried to copy the position of the red men, I fell right on my tush. After I got up, I did my comedy routine, but no one laughed.

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