A Nuremberg Bookstore

I love independent bookstores. I always have. I like to stand in the middle of them pretending that I can magically absorb every bit of information that’s between the covers of each book.

I was drawn into this Nuremberg bookstore because I remembered the days when these establishments were a good part of my social life. It was a frequent destination, especially on weekends. It was fun to walk around to see who was writing what and spot new trends and topics.

Independent bookstores are more popular in Germany. This Nuremberg one celebrates the life of local artist Albrecht Dürer. Born in 1471, Dürer is still being revered all over the city. His rabbit paintings have made the furry little animal a city mascot.

A portrait of Dürer.

You know who this is.

Rabbits everywhere.

This is where Dürer was born and lived..

No Language Needed

We were walking down a quaint street in Nuremberg a few weeks ago, when I saw a woman lean out of her window to water her plants. I don’t see that too often so I took a picture of her. She spotted me and acknowledged my curiosity. Without saying a word she voluntarily posed. We smiled at each other to just appreciate that moment of time. Peace and happiness.

3 thoughts on “A Nuremberg Bookstore

  1. Durer was SO brilliant and clever. His works certainly stand the test of time!! And I agree, European bookstores are SO much fun. Thanks for a quick tour.

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