Know The Facts Before You FaceApp Your Face

The world is talking about FaceApp. I really wanted to avoid the topic, but too many friends questioned me about why the app was receiving so much negative publicity.

FaceApp is an app that shows you what you look like when you’re much older. Millions of folks on Facebook are showing everyone what they will look like decades from now.

FaceApp was created by a St. Petersburg, Russia company. The owners are asking you to send them your portrait photos from your device to its servers.

The Washington Post points out that FaceApp “retains rights to use your photos in perpetuity, and performs artificial intelligence black magic on them.”

That makes people nervous after the 2016 Presidential election. FaceApp has denied all privacy claims against them. They claim they delete “most images” from its servers within 48 hours of uploading. No one can confirm that.

FaceApp founder Yaroslav Goncharov said “the user data is not transferred to Russia.” Like almost everyone else, FaceApp uses Amazon’s cloud.

The Washington Post created a quick video to give you all the pointers you need to know. It’s posted above.

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