“Weighted Blankets” Are Trending

Click on the video to see what the TV show, “The Doctors,” has to say about this new trend.


“Weighted blankets” are very popular on Amazon. They come in all shapes, sizes and pricing.

Everyone is always looking for a solution to cure their stress or insomnia. Most recommendations seem endless and complicated.

Lately, there is a lot of talk that “weighted blankets” truly help comfort the soul.

It sounds crazy, but there are stories all over social media that claim therapeutic “weighted blankets” give you a grounding experience.

Just Google “weighted blankets” and read all the theories. What do you have to lose?

The manufacturer I just researched said, “ ‘weighted blankets’ have been used in niche medical communities for many years. But only recently have the measurable health benefits for all started to emerge in new scientific studies. To put it simply, the findings have been amazing: ‘weighted blankets’ have been shown to help people fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. Without a prescription, therapeutic training, or changes in their routine.”

“Weighted blankets” should be 7-12% of your body weight in order “to relax the nervous system by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged. More specifically, gravity uses the power of proprioceptive input (more commonly known as “deep touch pressure stimulation”), a well regarded therapeutic method that stimulates pressure points on the body linked to improved sleep, mood, and relaxation.”

Below is just one of the links I looked at.


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