LA40 – “Warriors For Peace

I’m so proud of the Internet show my young friend, Katerina Cozias, did today. I just wanted to devote a DigiDame post to it.

Katerina did an entire show on the Warriors For Peace (WFP), a theatre company comprised of US military veterans and civilians with a two-fold mission: Provide catharsis for our returning warriors through Shakespeare and promote peace, healing, and foster the principles of global citizenship by bringing veterans of different nations together in the arts.

WFP has a simple philosophy: Who better to promote peace than those who have seen the face of war? Believing that art transcends politics and brings people together, in these tumultuous times that we are living, watch LA40 host Katerina Cozias as she sits down with the members of the WFP theater group to discuss how their projects are designed to build bridges between communities, promote ethnic diversity, empower women, and of course, foster peace. 


Click below to view the show.

Catch the show LIVE, Thursdays at 11am PST / 2pm EST on

To reserve your spot as a feature guest on the talk show LA40, contact media@katerinacozias.comor visit

For more with founder Christopher Loverro and Warriors for Peace Theater Company,

For more Katerina, visit

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