Do Older People Smell Differently?

It may be a good idea to read the New York Times article below which asks the question “if older people smell differently?”

The article brings up the fact that most older folks take all kinds of meds that could give off an odor that is associated with seniors. Some older people just don’t groom themselves well enough.

It’s true. When I was younger I often noticed the musty odor every time I visited the home of an elderly person. My mother was fastidious about keeping her home clean and I hope I follow in her footsteps.

The New York Times says “the best advice for combating age-related odor is simply to take care of yourself and your home: exercise, stay healthy and hydrated, eat clean food, open windows, launder clothing and sheets.”

One would think seniors would know to do this already, but as we get older maybe some of us relax the rules a little bit.

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