Jonah Larson Has Some Hook

Beginner Friendly Baby Blanket With Jonah’s Hands! Crochet Tutorial

At 11 years old, Jonah Larson has 196,00 followers on Instagram. He is also one of the top draws on YouTube. He is not a rock star, an actor, or a comedian.

He is something far more unique and astonishing. Jonah crochets. He started when he was five and soon became one of the most admired crocheters in the country.

He is so good that he sells many of his items and donates the proceeds to the orphanage where he spent his early years. Jonah even created a GoFundMe Page in partnership with the non-profit, Roots Ethiopia, so that “other children and their families can find their passion and achieve their dreams.”

Jonah’s mother said her son “has tackled complex projects that many adults would struggle with. Jonah shares all of his creations, from colorful blankets to an amigurumi octopus, on his popular Instagram account called Jonah’s Hands”.

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