A New Field Called “Situational Awareness”

We sit back and watch the horrors of what is happening on the streets around the United States today. If it’s not hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, mud slides, and fires killing people, then it could possibly be an emotionally disturbed person shooting up neighborhoods. First responders and victims need robust communications in disasters. Remember, cell towers commonly go down.

My client has the needed solution using GEO stationary satellites. The SatPaq technology tells us what resources we have and where they are. Then, ten minutes later after things have moved, we update again. Forget all of the other gadgets you have heard about before. They are toys. They use low earth orbiting satellites (LEO’s) that move in the sky which doesn’t permit the necessary real-time communications. The SatPaq technology works so well that is being used in operations by the military because they can count on the communications from anywhere.

Our story is eye opening. It teaches about this new field called Situational Awareness [SA}. SA is about preparing for upcoming disasters so that we can manage more intelligently through the chaos.

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