It’s A Sublet Economy

One of the reasons I am writing this blog post today is to let you know that people around the world sublet everything they own just to make extra cash. It’s called the “Airbnb for Everything” age.

Some don’t need the money, but they like to be trendy. It’s cool to rent out your house, your car, your boat, your backyard.

“Boatsetter” is the Airbnb for boats.” Cars are “Turo,” garage storage “Spacer,” private jets “Jettly,” someone’s bed for a midday nap “Globe,” and a dip in someone’s pool is “Swimply.”

Want to learn more? Read all about it in “Wired.” Click below

Eliot and I saw the movie “Joker” in the 70mm high-resolution format at the “Coral Gables Art Cinema.”

“Gables Cinema” is the only art cinema in the southeastern United States equipped to screen films in 70mm, the high-resolution format that became synonymous with the medium’s epics and films of exceptional visual grandeur. It was so great.

The movie was dark and scary. I was on the edge of my seat the entire performance.

Joaquin Phoenix, Joker, was amazing. He deserves every award possible. I am so happy for him.

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