From Pen To Tablet

Wow, the Livescribe pen has come a long way. I was so surprised to find the NeoLab Neo Smartpen N2 Silver at the new Beta store in the Hudson Yards mall. I didn’t know that new digital pens existed.

It’s great to be able to take notes (and draw) and have it magically appear on smartphones, tablets, and PC’s.

Ok, it’s not magic. The NeoLab Convergence Neo smartpen N2 works with the Neo Notes app to transfer your work on paper to digital devices.

The NeoLab Neo Smartpen N2 also has a new feature that will make a lot of folks very happy. You can now add color to your notes and drawings. You can also choose various pen colors and thickness options for drawings.

The NeoLab Neo Smartpen N2 is priced at $169.00.

Let me know if you think it’s worth it.

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