Can a Smart Gadget Give a Better BJ Than a Person?

Brian Sloan says YES.

Listen to him on

the “Lying on the Beach” podcast.

Brian is the inventor of the Autoblow A.I. — the first device that uses artificial intelligence to imitate the sexual experience of— a blow job. That’s right—a Blow Job— I’ll bet that just got your attention —

(BTW— if you are under 18 years old— you shouldn’t be listening to this podcast) Sex appliances is slated to be the next big area in tech.

Barry Sloan has made this handy high tech gadget available to the public on A recent global crowdfunding effort by more than 5,500 men in 64 countries raised $755,000 to make the Autoblow a reality.

Sex toy inventor Brian Sloan graduated from law school in 2005, but decided he had a greater potential helping people masturbate than he did helping them with their legal problems.

TV personality and gadget maven Steve Greenberg and PR queen Lois Whitman Hess, Co-Hosts of “Lying on the Beach” podcast, talked to Brian about BJ’s and the Autoblow.

It’s a stimulating conversation with a happy ending

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