Howard Stern On Bill Maher

Howard Stern Comes Again | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

I didn’t want you to miss this show. It was somewhat of a milestone because of the topic they discussed. You will just have to watch it to understand.

I hope you can hear the birds. They were singing the most beautiful tunes. I took this video on my new iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Be Forewarned

The next episode of “Lying on the Beach,” the podcast I co-host with TV personality Steve Greenberg, is going to be about a very progressive sex appliance that could challenge intimate, human relationships.

We are thrilled to be, once again, at the forefront of innovative technology. This one takes us to a whole new area of artificial intelligence.

There is no question that many of you may blush, but just remember, this is a bodily function that your higher power provided for you to experience as often as you like.

Enjoy and look for “Lying on the Beach” next week. We are located on all popular podcast websites as well as

2 thoughts on “Howard Stern On Bill Maher

  1. I love Howard Stern. I’ve listened to some of the best interviews on his show. The people he interviews typically will comment on how deeply thorough his research is regarding themselves and prepared. I understand the “inquisitive” part of his nature—it used to be called “nosey”, which I was accused of. The interviews with icons in music are always special because he delves deep into the creative process of writing music and performing. Thanks for sharing! I would have missed it.

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