Everyone Still Shops In Traditional Stores

Just when you were about to give up on the future of bricks and mortar shopping, a Harris Poll says, “Not so fast.”

A survey commissioned by Coldwell Banker Commerical and conducted by Harris, showed that 99% of all consumers shopped in a physical store in the past 12 months.


1-To purchase a product they needed immediately (61%);

2-Experience a product before buying it (55%)

3-Browse and get ideas (50%)

4-Take advantage of in-store sales / coupons (49%). 

Good news for traditional stores. Ninety-two percent of consumers said they plan to shop in a store for the holiday season.

The obvious reasons are:

1- Take advantage of sales / coupons (55%) 

2-Experience a product before buying it (50%) 

3-Look for unique gifts (49%) and to find something specific (49%)

For other revelations, click here. Chain Store Age published the information.

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