Say It isn’t So, Stephen Colbert

Am I the only one who feels Stephen Colbert might have harmed his career Thursday night? I’m bringing this to your attention because I don’t want you to be fooled by an advertisement that is disguised as an editorial.

Watch the video. After Colbert’s monologue, which was a stinker, he announced that we would not be breaking for the usual commercial. Instead, he took the cameras to Andy Cohen’s dressing room where they proceeded to talk about Andy’s new radio show on Sirius radio.

That conversation was a paid advertisement. CBS can deny it all they want, but I have been working with TV producers who have suggested this type of paid advertisement for a number of my clients.

I don’t know if I am right about the Colbert segment, but I bet the reason why his Thursday monologue was so lousy was because the TV host was busy arguing with the executive producers about doing the phony editorial on his show. He had no time to focus on his opening remarks. He lost the arguments.

In any case, I hope tonight is better. Please CBS, no more phony shows.

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