Fountainhead Residency Welcomes Art Basel/Miami Art Week

If you are attending Miami Art Week, I am so proud to announce that the Fountainhead Residency has alumni at Art Basel, and all of the satellite shows.

I am so thrilled to be on the board of this amazing establishment. Please call me to join our family. Your social and cultural life will be super charged with amazing events. Thank you Founders Kathryn and Dan Mikesell.

Here is the name of the exhibit, the artist, and the gallery.

Art Basel Miami Beach Convention Center

Agustina Woodgate at Baro Gallery

Gabriel Chaile at Baro Gallery

Aki Sasamoto with Bortolami Gallery

Raul de Nieves at Company Gallery

Cajsa von Zeipel at Company Gallery

Didier William at James Fuentes

Christina Quarels at Pilar Corrias

Tschabalala Self at Pilar Corrias

Alfred Conteh at Kavi Gupta

Basil Kincaid at Kavi Gupta

Devan Shimoyama at Kavi Gupta

Kennedy Yanko at Kavi Gupta

Derrick Adams at Rhona Hoffman

Naama Tsabar at Goodman Gallery

Ruby Onyinyechi Amanze at Goodman Gallery

Jacolby Satterwhite at Mitchell-Innes and Nash

Derrick Adams at Salon 94

Paul Anthony Smith at Jack Shainman

Lynette Yiadom Boakye at Jack Shainman

Deborah Roberts at Susanne Vielmetter

Aqua — 1530 Collins Ave

Marco Beria

Design Miami — adjacent to the Miami Beach Convention Center

Basil Kincaid with Mindy Solomon Gallery

Pulse — 4601 Collins–

Rachel Mica Weiss at Uprise Art

Untitled On the beach at 10th St

Coady Brown with 1969 Gallery

Esperanza Cortes with UPFOR

Elisabeth Condon and Christina Petterson with AIRIE, Artists in Residence in Everglades

Frohawk Two Feathers with New Image Art

Asad Faulwell at Kravets/Wehby

Langdon Graves with Pratt Fine Arts

Pipo Hernández Rivero with NF/ NIEVES FERNÁNDEZ

Basil Kincaid with Kravets|Wehby Gallery

Adia Millett with Traywick Contemporary

Lavar Munroe with Jenkins Johnson Gallery

Wynnie Mynerva with GINSBERG

Jamaal Peterman with Blackpuffin/For Freedoms and Vigo Gallery

Devan Shimoyama with De Buck Gallery

David Shrobe with Steve Turner

Marcel Sinclair at Mite Gallery

Guðmundur Thoroddsen with Asya Geisberg Gallery

Siebren Versteeg with bitforms gallery

Art Miami — Former Miami Herald site Biscayne Bay

Jenny Brillhart at Kuckei + Kuckie

Sandra Ramos at Pan American Projects

Mario Moore at David Klein Gallery

CasaCor — 700 Brickell Ave, Miami

Elizabeth Condon

NADA — 1400 N Miami Ave

Bethany Collins at PATRON

Alexandria Smith at Martos Gallery

Meredith James with Jack Hanley Gallery

Aaron Gilbert at Lulu

Kenny Rivero with EFA Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop

Glendalys Medina annd Kenny Rivero, at EMBAJADA & Charles Moffett

Caroline Salas is part of NADA Special Projects

Shikeith at ltd los angeles

Kristen Schiele at Kayrock Printing

PRIZM — Alfred DuPont Building 169 E Flagler

Stephan Arboite

Alfred Conteh

Andre Leon Gray

Art Basel Cities “Disruptions” on the lawn of the Bass Museum 2100 Collins Ave.

Marcela Sinclair

Agustina Woodgate

Bass Museum 2100 Collins Ave

Derrick Adams

John Edmonds

Alexandria Smith

Oolite Arts — 914 Lincoln Road

Pat Phillips in On the Road II curated by Larry Ossei-Mensah

Julie Davidow in the Wallgreen’s Windows

Faena — 3300 Collins Ave.

Gabriel Chaile — Faena Festival: The Last Supper

Miami Museums and Special Projects

El Espacio 23 2270 NW 23rd St

Join the Inaugural exhibition, Time for Change: Art and Social Unnrest in the Jorge M. Pérez Collection, curated by Jose Roca.

Ana Maria Devis

Genevieve Gaignard

Umar Rashid

Miami-Dade Collections Cuban Legacy Gallery — 600 Biscayne Blvd

Juana Valdes

PAMM Perez Art Museum — Miami 1103 Biscayne Blvd.

Lavar Munroe and Sheena Rose in The Other Side of Now

Rubell Family Museum — 1100 NW 23rd St

Tschabalala Self

The Bakehouse Art Complex — 561 NW 32 Street

Jenny Brillhart in Between the Legible and Opaque curated by Adler Guerrier

Artists studios; Christina Pettersson, Rose Marie Cromwell, Sandra Ramos,


3 Locations: 1. NW 7th avenue just north of 67th street; visible on the west side of the street by southbound traffic 2. Just south of US-1 & NE 4th court and north of 55th street; visible on the west side of NE 4th court by southbound traffic . 3. on NW 2nd ave just north of 41st street; visible on the east side of the street by southbound traffic

Paul Anthony Smith

Under the Bridge — 12425 NE 13th Ave

Kerry Phillips

We Buy Gold by Good to Know — 48 East Flagler Street

Sebastian Villamil

Miami Galleries

Victoria Fu and Siebren Versteeg at Primary Projects 7410 NW Miami Ct

Mette Tommerup at Emerson Dorsch 5900 NW 2nd Ave

Agustina Woodgate and Juana Valdes at Spinello Projects 2930 NW 7th Ave

Carla Fache, Karen Starosta, and Patricia Gutierrez at Mitte Projects and Wynwood Arts 29 95 NW 29th St

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