The Sand Auto Exhibit And The Phone Screen Enlarger

Eliot Hess got one of the first photos of the most amazing exhibit at the Miami Art Fair this week. We read about the public art installation in a local newspaper, and immediately went to see it.

Unfortunately, the exhibit doesn’t open till tomorrow, but Eliot managed to sneak past authorities and snap a few shots.

Located on the beach, just off of Lincoln Road, Argentinean conceptual artist Leandro Erlich created a exhibit of 66 life-size sand replicas of cars and trucks. It is supposed to represent a 21st century traffic jam built in sand.

The newspaper article said, “The sand replicas of vehicles frozen in time symbolize a harsh and rigid modernity that is at odds with natural and porous material of which they are made.”

Entitled “Order of Importance,” Miami commissioned this temporary public art. The forms will be left to slowly degrade throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Here is a story about the exhibit in Wallpaper magazine and the photos they featured.

3D Phone Screen Enlarger

The first time I saw the 3D Phone Screen Enlarger I thought to myself “Who needs an iPad?” The 3D phone screen enlarger magnifies the display on your cell four times its original size.

How cool is that? An $18 gizmo actually magnifies your cell phone to a 12” projector screen. It’s perfect for movies, videos, and games.

This is all accomplished with a lightweight, foldable phone stand and screen amplifier. Friends told me that Amazon has several models from different manufacturers that all function well. I will find the one that suits me best. I suggest you do the same. We will never have to squint again.


2 thoughts on “The Sand Auto Exhibit And The Phone Screen Enlarger

  1. Valuable beach space … on the cusp of High Season!! For the locals? Update us with status report pix throughout the exhibition of the sand cars.

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