BP-Lytic: A Novel Cuffless Blood Pressure Monitoring Device

If you ever had blood pressure issues you are going to be interested in a new product that is under development.

The product (patent pending) is a wearable device that can continuously and accurately monitor blood pressure using photoplethysmography.

Click here to find out what this is.


All this is done without a cuff and has the ability to continuously monitor blood pressure around the clock, yes even during your sleep. This is super important when trying to anticipate strokes and heart attacks.

Now comes the biggest surprise. This new innovative device is being developed by a 16 year old. Robin Raskin, founder of the “Young Innovators To Watch” program for CES, discovered Vardhan Agrawal for her scholarship program.


CATEGORIES 2020 CES Entries 
SCHOOL Cupertino High School 
LOCATION Cupertino, CA 
CREATOR/AGE Vardhan Agrawal, 16

Vardhan Agrawal’s website explains, “Hypertension affects over 75 million Americans today. The new device uses photoplethysmography, a technique that relies on the fact that blood absorbs green light. The device shines a green light into the user’s skin and measures the light reflected back by the blood. When the heart beats, more of the light is absorbed. At a sampling rate of 150 Hz, this outputs a PPG signal.

“The device converts the signal into a series of images using a continuous wavelet transform, which conveys important information (derivatives, scale, and rate of change) about a signal in the form of an image for further processing later.

“The device processes the images in a convolutional neural network to recognize characteristics of the waveform and produces a blood pressure reading.

“Not only does the product feature state-of-the art technology under-the-hood; it’s also been designed with the user experience and a sleek form factor in mind. The device can be comfortably worn throughout the day for “set-and-forget” blood pressure measurement.”

Right now the device is scheduled to be priced at $49, less than half the price of a traditional blood pressure cuff. I will let you know when the product becomes a reality.

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