CES Promises Lots Of Surprises

It’s that time of year again when innovative companies try to lure investors and/or customers into their booths at CES in Las Vegas. CES takes place the second week of January.

I managed to get an editorial pass so I can see the press releases and letters manufacturers are using to pitch their wares. It’s been a lot of fun.

Here’s something a little different.

Dear Lois,

We’ve created a wireless portable brain scanner called NIRSIT that allows you to see how your brain is functioning from the comfort of your home.

see http://www.obelab.com

Why do we need this? The portability is groundbreaking and will contribute to humankind by advancing brain research and accumulating brain data like never before.

Instead of going to a medical lab, now you can monitor a concussion, stroke, or PTSD on the fly. You can also explore other psychological processes like learning, memory, addiction, depression and anxiety.

We’ve even developed a brain imaging system for kids called NIRSIT LITE to help in brain development.

Do you have time to drop by our booth to give our brain imaging systems a try?

We’ll be at CES: Eureka Park, Sands, Hall G – Booth# 52443

I will check out the NIRSIT wireless portable brain scanner at CES and will report back to you. This sounds mighty interesting.

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