No More Phones and Other Tech Predictions for the Next Decade

Kara Swisher is a technology soothsayer. She has been successful over and over with her forecasts. Her Opinion editorials in the New York Times are not to be missed.

Swisher predicts that carrying around a device in our hand, and staring at it, will be a thing of the past by 2030. And like the electrical grid we rely on daily, most tech will become invisible.

Your Future 10-Minute Health Check-Up

I will be looking at the future of medicine when I attend CES next week. A French company, named BodyO, will be showing off the BodyO’s AI POD, a self-service one-stop full body digital scanner that features 19 measurements to track a wide range of vital health indicators in just 10 minutes.

I am not sure where these will be located. I imagine they will situated in high traffic areas like shopping malls, airports/train stations, and health clubs.

This is perfect for people on the go. After your analysis, you will be offered virtual coaching (over 1,000 fitness exercises) and over 20,000 easy to use, healthy and nutritious recipes.

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