Let’s “Stick” Together

I’m going to ”stick” it to you. Introducing a better PopSocket. The “HandL stick.”

Just ”stick” it on your favorite phone case. Lays flat in your pocket. Another Allen Hirsch genius invention. $10 or get it free.

All you have to do is “like” the “Lying on the Beach” podcast by Steve Greenberg and Lois Whitman-Hess on YouTube.

Be sure to also say hello to Allen at CES, the Argento SC booth in the South Hall #31134. Let’s “stick” together.

Samsung’s ‘The Wall’ TV Is The Biggest Screen You Have Ever Seen

David Katzmaier Of CNET Tells All

The Wall MicroLED TV is 292 inches, with an 8K model at 150 inches.

Commercial and residential versions of The Wall will be priced at hundreds of thousands of dollars installed.

Someone Sent Me A Love Letter At CES

Hi Lois,

Can’t cook / won’t cook / no time to cook? – For those that are culinary challenged or don’t have the time they’d like to devote to cooking, CookingPal has the answer. at CES.

“Julia” is an intelligent autonomous cooking system that makes delicious meals with minimal effort. You can see her in action here – http://bit.ly/2ru0hmy and full press materials and assets are below.

The system is comprised of a Smart Kitchen Hub (a dedicated voice-enabled tablet) that suggests meals and provides step-by-step guides to following recipes and a Smart Kitchen Appliance that handles every tedious element of prepping a meal from chopping and kneading to stirring and steaming, and best of all: it cleans up after itself!

All you have to do is place ingredients into her bowl when instructed and sit back and let Julia do the rest!

As well as taking the work out of meal prep – the system also helps with the decision making process too. Using its built-in camera and AI food recognition capabilities, it can suggest recipes you can make based on what ingredients are currently in the home and even automatically order missing items to be delivered from your favorite retailers to make future meals.

Just under $1,000. Available later on in 2020.

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