Party As If There’s No Tomorrow

If these two were still alive, I’m sure we would have been partying like teenagers today. Our Miami Beach neighbor Kent Karosen (left) was from Kansas City, and along with his husband, Brian B Hauserman, were huge Kansas City Chiefs fans.

They didn’t need too much of an excuse to ”celebrate” big time. They were a big part of the Miami Beach social life. We met them through our BFF’s Gail and Dawn. We will root for KC with all of our hearts. It’s been over a year since we lost Kent, and four months for Brian.

We can’t believe Super Bowl is here and they are not. We miss them both so much.

Super Bowl Security

Police Helicopters and Coast Guard protecting waterways near Lady Gaga concert during Super Bowl. This party boat went the wrong way and was chased by spotlights. Watch the action

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