Do You Need A Hug?

Oops, I forgot you can’t accept a hug right now. So, I promise this is the next best thing. This video was sent to me by a friend from Houston.

I just found out that our long time 42 year old friend/client from Amsterdam, NV, died after a long illness. His mind was so full of positive energy that it just seems impossible that he is no longer with us. Marc was a TV personality, a comedian, a Ted Talk presenter, a story teller, technologist, an author, husband, father, son, brother, friend to all. RIP.

Say hello to puzzle number six. Eliot said this was the toughest one he has ever done, and he has done more than 100 over the years. He has even conquered single colored puzzles. This one was just very complex. It took Eliot one week to complete, a very short time for most. Not Eliot

He wants me to remind everyone that creating puzzles is not the only thing he has done during the pandemic. He has also read seven books (including 800 page “Pharma” and loved it); cleans and cooks everyday; does all the food, pharmacy and liquor ordering and organizing; continues his photography practice; handles all of the biz and personal finances; collates our meds, exercises on the bike and treadmill and watches endless TV with me. I do everything else.

2 thoughts on “Do You Need A Hug?

  1. So after all Eliot does, what’s left to do? You are truly blessed!!
    Husband read PHARMA and liked it too – said there are only 500+ pages and 300 pages bibliography and index!! The bibliography is a book in itself!

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