Stories I Thought Would Interest You

Steve Jobs’ Roommate

Michael Hawley, Programmer, Professor and Pianist, Dies at 58

Chesky and his wife, actress

Patricia Dinely.

David Chesky is an American pianist, composer, producer, arranger, and co-founder of the independent, audiophile label Chesky Records. I know him from his online music store, HDtracks, which sells high-resolution digital music. I had a client in the hi-res music business for many years.

Much to my delight, I found a series of zany mini recitals Chesky posted online because he ”was bored out of his mind.” He takes famous songs and improvises them into his own renditions.


Olympus is getting out of the camera business – CNN

The New York Times’ Lays Off 68 People, Mostly Across Advertising

Mysterious cosmic object swallowed by black hole baffles astronomers

The unidentified body, revealed in gravitational waves, challenges notions about what happens when massive stars die in extreme explosions.

Read in National Geographic:

2 thoughts on “Stories I Thought Would Interest You

  1. Great blog today! Very typical how my mind swims from one subject to another… So much to read and ponder. Very sad about Michael Hawley passing at 58 – especially since I survived colon cancer stage 4 which I got for my 60th birthday – and would think there are new ways to treat it … too young.

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