Bolton Says He Still Won’t Vote For Biden

Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, wants us to buy his book, but he still won’t vote for Biden. He told Bill Maher last night that his philosophical differences with Biden on national security keeps him from casting a democratic vote.

Meanwhile, he claims that Trump is the most dangerous President in the history of the United States and has made this country the biggest loser in terms of international relations, health, and moral values.

Yet, he won’t help remove Trump from the White House with a vote for Biden. In my mind, there is only one way to deal with this kind of attitude. Don’t buy his book. Eliot did before we understood Bolton’s intentions. Eliot said it’s a tough read, very slowly paced. I think it’s a waste of time. We all already know that Trump is evil, a bum, a con artist, immoral and totally self-serving. What more can you possibly learn?

Back In NYC

It still warms my heart that the building we lived in for 40 years, in NYC, still has a strong sense of community. Many families in the coop gather on the roof garden every night for some social interaction in the great outdoors.

The building is not a fancy one, but its location and aerial view are just perfect. You are smack in the middle of the city with all of its dancing lights. My girlfriend Marilyn posted this on Facebook. While the residents maintain their social distance, they all still should be wearing masks. They have been together for months, so they consider themselves family.


3 thoughts on “Bolton Says He Still Won’t Vote For Biden

  1. Agreed on Trump. Thats the problem it seems, people wont get out to vote and rid USA of Trump. Thats what happened in 2016. More people should have voted and the result is Trump and Bolton in the highest positions of power.

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