Looking For Testers

Every time I see a video on social media, in an article, or one that someone sends me, I immediately question whether it is real. Too many folks know how to alter videos.

That’s why I wanted to work with Yaza. Now I am. Yaza an app that authenticates videos. I am looking for folks who want to give it a test run. Email me at loisw@hwhpr.com.


Yaza is very important to journalism, politics, medicine, travel, real estate, etc. Yaza’s technology authenticates the place, time, and creator of each video. Once created, videos can be shared on social platforms and other websites. They cannot be edited, altered, or hacked without invalidating the built-in authenticating technology. 


Yaza calls this new category of content “Certified Reality.” Such authenticated content is essential to protecting consumers from fraud and misinformation, and a first step toward restoring confidence in the Internet.


In another industry first, every Yaza video — even those that have been shared widely and “gone viral” — can be erased from the Internet with the flick of a switch in the Yaza app. 


Peter Sisson, CEO of  Yaza,  SF, pointed out that “Fraudulent or deeply-private videos circulated on the Internet can destroy people’s lives and reputations. Celebrities and public figures are especially vulnerable to this. Yaza stops such videos in their tracks.”



When COVID-19 hit, realtors were the first to discover Yaza. They needed a way to record detailed house tours to share with locked-down buyers. Now realtors in more than 40 states have joined the platform.


Journalists and activists are also using the app to prove without a doubt that something happened exactly as shown at a specific place and time. Video shot with Yaza provides incontrovertible evidence to back up stories and causes. A regular cell phone video is often not admissible as evidence in court.



About Yaza

Yaza Society PBC is a mission-driven company that creates tools to ensure the truthful and secure exchange of information through video. To prove their commitment to this mission, the company is incorporated as a Delaware public benefit corporation, a new type of for-profit company that is required by law to show progress toward its public benefit mission and to have a positive impact on society and the environment. The company was incorporated in August 2018. https://yaza.io/

Yaza is available in the App Store here: bit.ly/yazaApp


About Peter Sisson

Peter Sisson is a product-focused entrepreneur who has started four companies, all of which were acquired. Yaza is his fifth company, and his first social impact venture. Peter volunteers his time as a mentor to other startup founders via the European Innovation Academy. He was the founding Entrepreneur-in-Residence at StartOut Growth Lab, an accelerator dedicated to helping LGBTQ, minority, and women founders grow and fund their businesses. During his tenure, SGL graduated 24 such companies that together have closed more than $45M in funding and created more than 200 new jobs. Peter studied computer science at Cornell, has a master’s degree in CSAI (Computer Science Artificial Intelligence) from Stanford, and an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. He was named among the 23 most powerful LGBTQ people in tech by Business Insider in 2019.


Let me know if you are interested.



Thank you  


Lois Whitman-Hess

(917) 822-2591





Let me know if you are interested.



Thank you  


Lois Whitman-Hess

(917) 822-2591





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