Americans Should Be Outraged


Three brilliant people, businessman Eric Schmidt, actress and professor Anna Deavere Smith and writer and poet, and director of the Curator Culture series at The Bass Museum in Miami Beach, Tom Healy, conducted a virtual meeting to discuss the current state of our society and the trouble we are in medically, economically, and intellectually.

Please listen to the conversation carefully. Schmidt said anyone 65 and above should not leave their house. Our education and innovation disciplines should be revised. We are losing our edge.

Eric Emerson Schmidt, former CEO of Google, is an American businessman and software engineer. He is currently chair of the US Department of Defense’s Defense Innovation Advisory Board.

Anna Deavere Smith is an American actress, playwright, and professor. She is known for her roles as National Security Advisor Dr. Nancy McNally in The West Wing, hospital administrator Gloria Akalitus in the Showtime series Nurse Jackie, and as U.S. District Court Clerk Tina Krissman on the ABC show For the People.

Tom Healy is an American writer and poet, curator and public servant. He is currently the director of the Curator Culture series at The Bass Museum in Miami Beach, where he also serves as a trustee.

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