I was complaining to a political expert/friend that I know too many people who are planning to vote for Trump. Their reason? He won’t raise their taxes, he is good for Israel, and he won’t defund the police.

The fact that he is completely immoral, is responsible for the majority of the deaths from the virus, and has divided this country to very dangerous levels, has no impact on them. It’s enough to make me want to scream hysterically though the streets of America forever.

Here’s my friend’s response

“Some of the people in your wide universe are quite bizarre in their priorities.  However, I would caution you to not take these anecdotal experiences as anything resembling the general feeling out there. 

“Trump is truly hated, and a lightning rod to make millions of people who otherwise would not vote, turn out to vote. I assert that Trump is the most hated American who has ever lived. The hate for Hillary in 2016 was big, but the Trump hate is definitely bigger. The only way Trump wins is by cheating, which he and the Republicans are desperately trying.

“Big data point :  Trump won the over 65 demographic in 2016 by 10 points, but is trailing Biden by 7 points in that high voting demographic – a 17% swing(!!!!!).   He absolutely can not win (without cheating) with that kind of number, regardless of how high a turnout there will be from the 18-30 low voting demographic, which I believe will vote in high numbers as that demographic loathes Trump and resents Trump voting Boomers.

“Also important  – there was an op-ed piece in the NYT today about how the Kamela Harris selection by Biden is electrifying the Caribbean American voters in Florida, especially female Caribbean Americans because of Harris’s father being from Jamaica.   That may prove to be highly significant in Biden winning Florida.  If Biden wins Florida, there is NO PATH for Trump to win the election. That’s game over.  On that basis alone, choosing Harris was a very shrewd political move by Biden. 

 “Also, I expect Kamela Harris will annihilate Pence in the VP debate, making for very high theater and providing even more momentum into November.  Harris didn’t perform particularly well in the Democratic debates, but I think that was because there were too many candidates on the stage. 

“I think one-on-one she will be terrific, and prosecute the shit out of Pence and the Trump/Pence record.  Very much like how very forceful and effective she was in prosecuting/questioning that asshole Kavanaugh in the SCOTUS confirmation hearings.  After all, she was a prosecutor, this us right up her alley.  And on top of that, Trump had Pence lead their completely useless Coronavirus task force.  With 173,000 dead Americans and 200,000 + by the VP debate, Pence is gonna be destroyed by Harris with absolutely no defense. I think that debate is going to be incredible theater and unbelievably satisfying to watch.

“In my heart, I think this election will be a huge landslide for Biden, unless Trump is extremely effective in cheating, as he’s trying to do with the USPS. 

“WTF has our country become that Trump can dismantle the USPS before the election, and WTF is it with the people you know that are voting for Trump that they’re okay with that? Do they believe in democracy, or do they want us to be Russia, Iran or North Korea.   Ask them !!!”

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3 thoughts on “Venting

  1. Thank you for saying what so many of us think. Nothing riles me up more than the statement that “I have a friend who is very smart and he/she is voting for Trump.”
    That person is not smart. Trump is stupid. He is incapable of reading a book or even a speech. He says stupid things like injecting Lysol to cure the Coronavirus. Like saying that testing leads to more infections. Saying that children are immune to the virus. Every business he has ever owned went bankrupt. When the person says that Trump is good for the economy, ask if that person is really better off after four years of Trump?
    Trump has destroyed our relationships with all our allies in favor handing Putin huge wins. Remind the so-called smart person how many people who worked in Trump’s administration called him a moron. Trump is a narcissist who is incapable of exhibiting any empathy and who obviously hates children based on his refusal to ban assault weapons, separating children from their parents and is insisting on putting children back in schools without the Covid testing that would save them from getting sick and bringing the disease home to their siblings, parents and grandparents.

  2. Thank you for your ‘venting’ – feel the same way and there is just no way can get thru him being re-elected and one extra day.! He is a nightmare 24/7. At this point there is no justification for re-electing him – speaks volumes for what kind of people are his followers – time to put country ahead of personal gain.

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