Flying Paramedics

I suggest shutting the shades on your windows, even on high floors, because the world’s first jet suit-wearing paramedic could be flying by.

England is experimenting with putting first responders in a 1050 brake horsepower jet suit for speedy rescues. Watch the video, it is amazing.

Richard Browning, founder of Gravity Industries, makers of the jet suit, demonstrated how humans will finally be able to fly. The video shows how you can fly from a valley to a very high elevation like the UNESCO-protected heritage site. The Lake District is known for some of England’s highest peaks.

Browning believes that his new invention will help save lives all over the world. “First responders will be able to reach some patients much quicker than ever before.”

The jet suit was built by using 3D printed parts, specialist electronics and five jet engines. Anyone interested in taking a ride can soar at speeds of 32 miles per hour and ascend to altitudes of 12,000 feet.”

Read more about it here:


My Friend Ray Shared This Letter He Sent To Joe Biden

He also sent the message below to 30 politically connected people including an Obama ambassador and fundraiser, Henry Louis Gates, Jr, Deval Patrick & his campaign managers, Madeleine Albright’s brother, people from The New Yorker & the NYT, Michael Dukakis, and others.

Good afternoon,

I have two degrees from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Donald Trump was a year behind me at Penn. Trump parachuted into Penn from Fordham for his junior and senior years. Beginning in 2016, I joined a group of Penn classmates to investigate whether Trump’s father bribed his way into Penn and paid for others to write his papers and take his tests.

Since Trump, the fake stable genius, is attacking Joe Biden’s education credentials, my classmates and I would like to send the retort below to the Biden Campaign Team for use when under fire

If there are any more “debates,” Trump will continue to denigrate Biden’s education — implying that Trump is better educated and smarter (because of Wharton)

Joe should have a packaged retort:

I have heard from your Penn classmates that your daddy bribed your way into Penn as a junior when you were about to flunk out of FordhamYour classmates have no memory of you being on the Penn campus and because of your 6th grade vocabulary, lack of grammar, and lack of intellectual curiosity, they assume that you didn’t attend class and paid someone to write your papers and take your tests.

By pathetically trying to denigrate my college experience because I couldn’t afford an Ivy League education, you are also denigrating all of the brilliant talented people who have attended state universities and community colleges because those are the best schools their hardworking families could afford.At least they weren’t gullible enough to attend Trump University

Thank you,


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