Incision Free Autopsies

I have a business friend who told me years ago that he was working on a new invention that would replace the way autopsies are performed today. I thought he was kidding because he said, “No more slicing and dicing. Computers will be giving dignity back to the dead.” I liked the idea of that but I really couldn’t comprehend the new autopsy process he was describing. It was called “augmented reality.”

I thought about that conversation many times over the years. Every time I watched an episode of “Law and Order” I think of my old friend Charlie and wonder what ever happened to his invention.

Today I got a clue. The WSJ ran a story about the future of autopsies. They were going virtual. I don’t know if my friend is involved but I will try to call him this week if he still has the same number. I learned that digital re­con­struc­tions and ma­chine-learn­ing al­go­rithms are being used to di­ag­nose the cause of deaths.

Read about it here. If you can’t open this link, let me know and I will copy the story for you.

Augmented Reality Offers a Promise of Incision-Free Autopsies


Why Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos won’t endorse Trump and Biden – Vox

This reminds me of some so called friends who often say to me “I support your efforts Lois but I can’t say it out loud because I might lose patients, business, customers, readers, fans, blah blah.


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Pier 26 Officially Opens to the Public in Tribeca


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