Brotherly Love

I will remember this video forever.


Is Your iPhone Listening To You?

If you use Facebook, Instagram or other social media sites, you must have noticed ads on your feeds for certain products that you clicked on when you visited various retail websites. The first time I saw this I was amazed. How did Facebook know I wanted that blouse?”

One time I even received a notice that said, “You left this at check out.” That was correct. I placed a sweater in a checkout cart but decided not to buy it. Now that my Facebook feed reminded me of the sweater, I actually bought it. Mission accomplished by the retailer.

If all that is not scary enough, let me tell you what happened to two friends of mine. They were in the Cole Haan store in Columbus Circle, NYC last week when one guy said to the other, “I really like these shoes.” He was referring to a pair that was being showcased on a display table near him. They never mentioned the name of the shoes, the price, the color, or where they were standing. Later that night, an ad for the exact pair of shoes appeared on their Facebook feeds. Was it a coincidence? I don’t think so. Welcome to the new world of GPS, algorithms, and voice recordings.

I googled the possibilities. Here is one story I found in Forbes.


Finally, The Truth



After completing 17 puzzles during the pandemic, the 18th fell out of Eliot’s hands when placing it on an adhesive sheet. It usually takes Eliot, two/three days of 8 hours each, to complete a 1000 to 1,500 piece puzzle. They will all be donated to charity.

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