Random Thoughts

“When Trump walked through the doors, Walter Reed had a stellar reputation. As he walks out 72 hours later, its reputation is in tatters. There’s nothing Trump can’t ruin.”

— Maureen Dowd


Pierre Schwob, a client for the fourth time over several decades, has just handed me the final draft of his novel. It’s up to me to get it published and make headline news. I believe his words will shake up the world to completely understand what needs to be done to save the planet. Schwob is an entrepreneur, inventor, and philanthropist based in Palo Alto, CA.
He founded (1994) and runs Classical Archives (ClassicalArchives.com). He invented and licensed the ID LOGIC technology for radio receivers which was incorporated into a US national standard. Author of books on chess, calculators and history (1975-76), he taught computer science at NY FIT and the NYU adjunct faculty (1981-86).
He supports cosmology research at KIPAC (Stanford/SLAC) and foreign affairs policy research at CISAC (Stanford). He was raised in Geneva , Switzerland and has lived in New York (13 y), Hong Kong (11 y) and now Palo Alto since 1997. An asteroid has been named after him. Let’s see if I can make him a star right here on earth.


Night Terrors


I thought we had a home invasion when I woke up at 3am. It turned out to be our stationary bike with a tripod plus camera behind it.


Early Morning Walks

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