My East Coast Family Welcomes West Coast Family At Red Eye Grill

But first a word from our nephew Sam Schneider

I was sitting at end of the table today looking at our extended family and thinking about the courage and hopes that drove Elsie and Jake to come to America in about 1906. I thought about the closeness that Ruby, Effie, Ruth and Dave had with each other despite their geographic distances. I was very glad that 115 years after Elsie and Jake first arrived here, their descendants could get together and enjoy the afternoon. The attached photo was in my mind a lot during our lunch.
Sam Schneider

Grandpa Jake and Grandma Elsie
Their children, Ruby, Ruthie, Effie and Davie

All the East coast cousins gathered today to welcome Jeff, Beth, and Hanna Young of Sherman Oaks, CA, to NYC and to wish Hanna good luck as she enters Columbia University’s Masters Program.

It was wonderful watching most of the younger cousins mingle and start memories of their own. We need to get together on a much more frequent basis. There is so much to share.

Steve and Robert joined in on the festivities the night before the cousin’s reunion. They have been proclaimed Hanna’s new East Coast uncles.
We used the occasion to wish Eliot a Happy Birthday.
Celebration time
The spectacular view from our hotel room.

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