Life Is Fragile. Just Ask Bisco

Eliot and I met artist Bisco Smith at the Williams McCall Gallery in Miami Beach. We now own some of his eye- striking art. I was startled when I read his recent Facebook post. It reminds all of us how life is so fragile. Bisco, we wish you only the best going forward. We are so happy everyone is on the mend. Stay healthy and safe.

ANOTHER ONE / not sure what is happening in our lives but it happened again. This time we got hit head on by an engine that flew out of a car flipping over in crash on the other side of the parkway. We were moving at 60 mph or so and I’m guessing the flying engine was as well. I remember sparks the sound of a crash and what I thought was a car flipping over the medium and hitting us head on. Airbags deployed, the car quickly was filling with smoke. My wife was able to open her door after waking from being unconscious I crawled in the back and together we were able to ulock our son and pass him through the airbags and open door. I crawled back upfront and out the car. Somehow we all walked away, again. Some amazing people pulled over, helped us to safety and calmed us down until the first responders arrived. 2 minutes into them being there another car came around the corner. Full speed and boom. Another crash. Thank god no one was hurt and that car didn’t flip over on us all. We left the scene in an ambulance and spent the night in the ER. Somehow we made it home we are all walking and from what I hear, so is everyone else from the other cars. My wife fractured her sternum and is a bit bruised up, our son is good, thank the universe, and so am I. We are shook up, but breathing and able. So infinitely grateful for that. I will say after the last accident 6 weeks ago when a tree fell on our car. We got this new car because of it’s safety ratings. The deciding factor was the passenger side safety ratings in a head on collision. It was better than the other car we were considering, thank god we did, that is exactly where the impact was. Trying to process and understand, but overall grateful. And really though, who has a tree fall on their car while in it with their family then 6 weeks later in their new car get hit head on by a flying engine at highway speeds and walk away from both moments. It’s unreal. I feel like I’m in a different dimension. There is another one where I am not here…. But we are, I think. The sun is brighter, the air is warmer, and I don’t ever want to drive again. Love to you all out there. And a giant thank you to all the humans who stopped to help, the EMS, fire, police, the hospital staff, and the driver that got us back home safe.

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